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Supervisor Jim Holmes

On the Issues

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The Martin v City of Boise Ruling: In 2019, a pivotal ruling shook the grounds of homelessness legislation. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an earlier court order, which stated that imposing criminal penalties for sitting, sleeping, or lying outside on public property by homeless individuals who couldn't find shelter was a violation of the Eighth Amendment. This landmark ruling sent ripples across the nation.

Local Government Tied Up: The Martin v Boise ruling put local government in a bind, leaving them uncertain about how to proceed. It wasn't until Placer County Counsel's office provided clarification that progress could be made.

Addressing Public Health Concerns: Placer County faced a unique challenge as encampments sprung up at the Placer County Government Center (PCGC) in North Auburn. These encampments were deemed a public health issue, necessitating a response.

The Birth of the Mobile Temporary Shelter (MTS): Placer County took action by creating a 55-tent facility known today as the Mobile Temporary Shelter (MTS). This innovative solution was established to address both the housing needs of homeless individuals and the legal requirements stemming from the Martin v Boise ruling.

A Comprehensive Approach: Now, in conjunction with the 100-bed Mid Placer Emergency Shelter at the PCGC in North Auburn, we offer a total of 155 shelter beds. This comprehensive approach keeps North Auburn compliant with the Martin v Boise ruling and ensures that homeless individuals have access to shelter.

Continuing the Journey: While significant progress has been made in North Auburn, there's more work to be done, especially in South Placer County, including Roseville. County Staff, in collaboration with City Officials, are actively seeking solutions to address homelessness throughout the region.

Jim Holmes is dedicated to these efforts and is committed to finding compassionate and effective solutions to homelessness in Placer County. Stay tuned for updates on his initiatives and progress in the fight against homelessness. Together, we can make a difference!


We understand the importance of affordable housing in Placer County. Let's explore some of the significant strides we've made in this critical area to ensure that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.

Mercy Housing Partnership: In 2015, Jim Holmes attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Mercy Housing Project on Vernon Street in Roseville. During this event, he had a conversation with Mercy Housing Staff about the potential of bringing another Mercy Housing Project to vacant land at the Placer County Government Center (PCGC). This fruitful dialogue paved the way for the construction of Mercy North Auburn at Rock Creek, comprising 78 units of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment homes at the PCGC. These homes opened their doors in 2017, providing a haven for individuals and families in need.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Placer County recognizes the need for diverse housing options. To address this, the County is now offering permits for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). ADUs empower homeowners to add smaller, more affordable units to their properties, contributing to the overall housing supply and affordability.

State Mandates for Affordable Housing: The State Legislature has mandated that Placer County takes action to promote affordable housing. In alignment with this mandate, willing Placer County property owners have the opportunity to rezone their properties for affordable housing, facilitating the creation of more affordable housing units throughout the county.

Jim Holmes is committed to championing these affordable housing initiatives to ensure that Placer County remains a place where everyone can find a safe and affordable place to call home. Stay tuned for updates on his efforts to make affordable housing a reality for all. Together, we can build a brighter and more inclusive future for our community.


The threat of wildfires looms large over our community, impacting the lives of our citizens, the safety of our homes, and the health of our precious forests and watersheds. Jim Holmes understands the gravity of this issue and is dedicated to addressing it head-on.

A Commitment to Forest Restoration: For several years, Jim Holmes has served as a board member of the Middle Fork Finance Authority, actively involved in the French Meadows Forest Restoration Project. Recognizing the lack of U.S. Forest Service resources in the American River Watershed, Placer County has teamed up with the Placer County Water Agency to take action. Their collective efforts aim to reduce the wildfire threat at the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the American River, which provides a significant portion of the water that serves Placer County.

Protecting Our Vital Resources: Our economy, safety, and overall quality of life depend on the health and resilience of our forests. Investing in the long-term resilience of French Meadows is crucial not only for safeguarding our fire-vulnerable communities but also for improving forest health and protecting our essential watershed.

Empowering Local Fire Protection: Jim Holmes has collaborated closely with several local fire protection special districts, including Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn, and Placer Hills. Together, they have successfully passed ballot measures that increase local revenue, ensuring these fire districts have sustainable funding for their future operations. This stability empowers our smaller fire districts to provide essential public safety services to their residents.

Jim Holmes is unwavering in his commitment to addressing the wildfire threat. He understands that protecting our community from wildfires is not just about saving property; it's about safeguarding lives, preserving our environment, and securing our future. Stay tuned for updates on his initiatives to tackle this critical issue. Together, we can build a safer and more resilient Placer County.


In recent years, Placer County has faced the devastating consequences of major wildfires, leaving homeowners grappling with the challenge of obtaining affordable fire insurance. Jim Holmes recognizes the pressing need to address this issue and is committed to finding solutions.

Homeowner Efforts vs. Insurance Challenges: Many homeowners in our community go to great lengths to mitigate the risk of fire on their properties, yet they still find themselves denied fire insurance coverage. Local government lacks the authority to regulate insurance companies, placing this responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the State Legislature.

A Call for Legislative Action: Jim Holmes is determined to make a difference. He understands that the State Legislature holds the key to providing the necessary tools to the State Insurance Commissioner. Empowering the Commissioner with the authority to better control the costs of home insurance is crucial to ensuring homeowners can access affordable coverage.

Collaborating for Change: Jim Holmes is actively collaborating with state legislators to advocate for legislation that addresses these challenges head-on. Together, they seek to enact reforms that will make affordable home insurance a reality for homeowners in Placer County.

Jim Holmes is dedicated to easing the burden on homeowners and ensuring they have the protection they need. Stay tuned for updates on his efforts to secure affordable home insurance. Together, we can pave the way for a safer and more secure future for all homeowners in Placer County.


Placer County is on the brink of a transformative journey as it embarks on the process of updating its General Plan. This roadmap will chart the course for the County's future over the next 25 years. The current General Plan dates back to 1994, and with the County's population now exceeding 400,000 people, it's time for an update that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of our community.

Defining the Vision: The General Plan isn't just a document; it's a reflection of our community's vision and how we want to grow. Placer County has seen significant growth, particularly in South Placer County, with cities like Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln at the forefront. This substantial expansion has earned Placer County the designation of an Urban County, which will inevitably impact our rural communities.

Championing Rural Interests: Jim Holmes has deep roots in Placer County, and his family has been rural residents for generations. Protecting the interests of our rural communities is a personal commitment for him, and it's one of the driving forces behind his candidacy for the Office of District 5 County Supervisor.

Community Engagement: As we navigate the three-to-five-year process of updating the Placer County General Plan, there will be ample opportunities for community members to provide invaluable input. Your voice matters, and Jim Holmes is dedicated to ensuring that the General Plan reflects the collective aspirations of our diverse community.

Advocacy for Library Services: Jim Holmes has a vision for the future of our libraries. During his next term, he aims to continue advocating for the Placer County Library System. His goal aligns with the 2022 Library Services Study: to have our libraries open six days a week, with the aspiration of extending to seven days. This initiative is essential, especially for families and children without broadband access, as it provides them with more library hours and days to enrich their lives.

Financial Responsibility: While Placer County has made significant progress in addressing its fully funded retiree healthcare obligation, there's more work to be done. Jim Holmes is committed to continuing the effort by working towards fully funding the County's retiree pension obligation, which currently stands at 65%. His goal is to achieve full funding by 2030, ensuring a stable financial future for our County.

Jim Holmes is dedicated to shaping Placer County's future, with a focus on inclusivity, community engagement, and fiscal responsibility. Stay tuned for updates on his journey to create a thriving and sustainable Placer County for all its residents.

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Integrity in Politics

Integrity is crucial in politics and fosters trust and confidence among the public in their leaders and the political system. When politicians act with integrity, we uphold ethical standards, transparency, and honesty, ensuring that our actions benefit the public interest rather than personal gains. This builds a foundation for a healthy democracy, where citizens can rely on their leaders to make decisions that are fair, just and in line with the values and needs of the society they deserve.

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