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2 Min With Jim: Priorities For Placer County District 5

🕒 Welcome to another episode of "2 Minutes With Jim," where Jim Holmes, your dedicated candidate for Placer County Supervisor District 5, discusses his key election priorities. Today's focus is on enhancing public safety, maintaining a balanced budget, and developing workforce housing.

🔐 Public Safety: Jim understands that a safe community is a thriving community. Drawing from his experience, Jim emphasizes the importance of supporting our first responders, improving emergency services, and fostering community-based safety programs.

💰 Balanced Budget: Financial stewardship is at the heart of Jim's approach to governance. With a proven track record of 19 consecutive years of balanced budgets in District 3, Jim shares his vision for maintaining fiscal responsibility in District 5.

🏡 Workforce Housing: Addressing the challenge of workforce housing is a key priority for Jim. Jim's approach involves collaborating with developers, community members, and local businesses to create sustainable housing solutions that benefit everyone.

🤝 Join the Conversation: Jim invites you to engage in this critical discussion about the future of Placer County. Your ideas and feedback are invaluable as we work together to address these pressing issues.

🗳️ Support Jim Holmes: Your vote for Jim Holmes is a vote for a safer, financially stable, and inclusive Placer County. Join us in supporting Jim for Placer County Supervisor, District 5.

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