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Home Insurance in Placer County - The Issues Addressed by Supervisor Jim Holmes

In recent years, Placer County has faced the devastating consequences of major wildfires, leaving homeowners grappling with the challenge of obtaining affordable fire insurance. Jim Holmes recognizes the pressing need to address this issue and is committed to finding solutions.

Homeowner Efforts vs. Insurance Challenges: 

Many homeowners in our community go to great lengths to mitigate the risk of fire on their properties, yet they still find themselves denied fire insurance coverage. Local government lacks the authority to regulate insurance companies, placing this responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the State Legislature.

A Call for Legislative Action: 

Jim Holmes is determined to make a difference. He understands that the State Legislature holds the key to providing the necessary tools to the State Insurance Commissioner. Empowering the Commissioner with the authority to better control the costs of home insurance is crucial to ensuring homeowners can access affordable coverage.

Collaborating for Change:

Jim Holmes is actively collaborating with state legislators to advocate for legislation that addresses these challenges head-on. Together, they seek to enact reforms that will make affordable home insurance a reality for homeowners in Placer County.

Jim Holmes is dedicated to easing the burden on homeowners and ensuring they have the protection they need. Stay tuned for updates on his efforts to secure affordable home insurance. Together, we can pave the way for a safer and more secure future for all homeowners in Placer County.

Learn more about my stance on Placer County Issues here!

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