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Long Range Planning in Placer County - The Issues Addressed by Supervisor Jim Holmes

Placer County is on the brink of a transformative journey as it embarks on the process of updating its General Plan. This roadmap will chart the course for the County's future over the next 25 years. The current General Plan dates back to 1994, and with the County's population now exceeding 400,000 people, it's time for an update that reflects the evolving needs and aspirations of our community.


Defining the Vision: 

The General Plan isn't just a document; it's a reflection of our community's vision and how we want to grow. Placer County has seen significant growth, particularly in South Placer County, with cities like Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln at the forefront. This substantial expansion has earned Placer County the designation of an Urban County, which will inevitably impact our rural communities.

Championing Rural Interests: 

Jim Holmes has deep roots in Placer County, and his family has been rural residents for generations. Protecting the interests of our rural communities is a personal commitment for him, and it's one of the driving forces behind his candidacy for the Office of District 5 County Supervisor.

Community Engagement: 

As we navigate the three-to-five-year process of updating the Placer County General Plan, there will be ample opportunities for community members to provide invaluable input. Your voice matters, and Jim Holmes is dedicated to ensuring that the General Plan reflects the collective aspirations of our diverse community.

Advocacy for Library Services: 

Jim Holmes has a vision for the future of our libraries. During his next term, he aims to continue advocating for the Placer County Library System. His goal aligns with the 2022 Library Services Study: to have our libraries open six days a week, with the aspiration of extending to seven days. This initiative is essential, especially for families and children without broadband access, as it provides them with more library hours and days to enrich their lives.

Financial Responsibility: 

While Placer County has made significant progress in addressing its fully funded retiree healthcare obligation, there's more work to be done. Jim Holmes is committed to continuing the effort by working towards fully funding the County's retiree pension obligation, which currently stands at 65%. His goal is to achieve full funding by 2030, ensuring a stable financial future for our County.

Jim Holmes is dedicated to shaping Placer County's future, with a focus on inclusivity, community engagement, and fiscal responsibility. Stay tuned for updates on his journey to create a thriving and sustainable Placer County for all its residents.

Learn more about my stance on Placer County Issues here!

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