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Wildfire in Placer County - The Issues Addressed by Supervisor Jim Holmes

The threat of wildfires looms large over our community, impacting the lives of our citizens, the safety of our homes, and the health of our precious forests and watersheds. Jim Holmes understands the gravity of this issue and is dedicated to addressing it head-on.

A Commitment to Forest Restoration: 

For several years, Jim Holmes has served as a board member of the Middle Fork Finance Authority, actively involved in the French Meadows Forest Restoration Project. Recognizing the lack of U.S. Forest Service resources in the American River Watershed, Placer County has teamed up with the Placer County Water Agency to take action. Their collective efforts aim to reduce the wildfire threat at the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the American River, which provides a significant portion of the water that serves Placer County.

Protecting Our Vital Resources: 

Our economy, safety, and overall quality of life depend on the health and resilience of our forests. Investing in the long-term resilience of French Meadows is crucial not only for safeguarding our fire-vulnerable communities but also for improving forest health and protecting our essential watershed.

Jim Holmes has collaborated closely with several local fire protection special districts, including Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn, and Placer Hills. Together, they have successfully passed ballot measures that increase local revenue, ensuring these fire districts have sustainable funding for their future operations. This stability empowers our smaller fire districts to provide essential public safety services to their residents.

Jim Holmes is unwavering in his commitment to addressing the wildfire threat. He understands that protecting our community from wildfires is not just about saving property; it's about safeguarding lives, preserving our environment, and securing our future. Stay tuned for updates on his initiatives to tackle this critical issue. Together, we can build a safer and more resilient Placer County.

Learn more about my stance on Placer County Issues here!

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